xMarkx "Siege Game Master Application"

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xMarkx "Siege Game Master Application"

Post  Mark_kevin on Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:45 am

Real Name:
Mark Kevin CuevasLike a Star @ heaven

In-Game Name:
xMarkxLike a Star @ heaven

15 Years OldLike a Star @ heaven

cebu,philippinesLike a Star @ heaven

How many years do you play flyff?:
Years that I play Flyff when Im still in grade 5 because of my Cousin Invite me to play Flyff PH And Im Enjoying Playing Flyff Because Its for FunLike a Star @ heaven

Do you have an experience being a GM?:
I don't have experience being a GM but I Like to Try it Like a Star @ heaven

How many hours are you online everyday?:
This Mounth I have only 2-3 hours to Online and because of my Schedule of my school but if April I will Active Online 2-5 hours Like a Star @ heaven

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