Joevan's guide to the wonderful world of Vanity Flyff! :D (yay) XD

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Joevan's guide to the wonderful world of Vanity Flyff! :D (yay) XD

Post  MrDarkoy on Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:25 pm

The server's rates:
Exp x9999
Drop x9999
Penya x9999

Who are the NPC's in game?: affraid
Jobchange and Reset Etheria: she is located in the middle of central flaris near Station Dior NPC you can go to her and reset your stats and have your one click jobchange Very Happy
Cash Shop Sonja (actually they are 2)
1st Cash shop Sonja is located next to the Arena Manager NPC
2nd Cash shop Sonja is located near the Flaris bank she sells Full Shout scrolls,Common Bank,Foods,Accessories and other miscellaneous

Arena Manager NPC (located next to 1st Cash Shop Sonja see above post): Of course this npc handles the arena from the word ARENA manager. He also handles the Colloseum you may go to him and enter the Colloseum

Who are the Vanity Flyff staffs?:
If you need help in-game or any other question regarding VanityFlyff ask these epic people:
Rakii - main owner and ADMIN of Vanity Flyff you may pm him or chat with him in game whenever his online and he isn't in refuse messenger settings
Poee - Event GM He conducts different exciting events with amazing prices. You may also ask him for help and if you have some questions whenever his online. (His a very friendly and considerate GM Very Happy)
Moshi - is also an Event GM you may also ask him help or questions...
???? - NO SIEGE GM yet there is a Siege GM application currently held right now in this forum... You may apply if you want Very Happy

FAQ's :
What are those gold weapons the players are equipping?
A: Those are Kalseru weapons they cost 12,000 redchips to be bought.
Where do I get Ancient,Lusaka,Behemoth,Champion set,Adept set,Defender set and Marksman set?
A: Go to Arena Manager in Flaris click him select Enter The Colloseum (You must have a party and you should be the party leader to enter the Colloseum)
Where do I get Redchips?:
A: Join Guild Sieges score a lot of points. As mush as possible you should win for more Redchips to be rewarded.
What does NGS and NDGS mean?:
A: NGS stands for Normal GS or Mixed GS wherein donators and non-donators compete in a guild siege while NDGS stands for Non-donor guild siege wherein all the Non-donor players compete with each other NO DONATE ITEMS,NO DONATE awakes and any other Donated things in game wearing of donated items will cause a freeze for 2 days

Well, That's all I can help for now
I'll be updating this post as soon as there are additional informations!
Thanks for your time reading this! Very Happy

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Re: Joevan's guide to the wonderful world of Vanity Flyff! :D (yay) XD

Post  Valentine on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:58 am

There is a GS-GM Now Wink

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