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GM Application Form

Post  papajaime on Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:42 am

Name - Jaime Alvior
In Game Name - Papajaime
Age - 22
Birth day - July 3, 1989
Location - 469 area A Parola Tondo Manila Philippines

How many years do you play flyff
6 years.
Do you have an experience being a GM?
this is my 1st time.
Reason why you want to be a GM?
I want to be a GM because i have many idea to share.
idea to help and improve the server. and to be a nice watcher to implement the rules of our server.
I have a lot of time to be a active GM.
I have a computer shop. and that why i'm online 8 to 12hrs a day.
if you choose me to be a GM in your server. i will do my best to prove that your lucky to have me.
i will do my job all the best i can do.

thanks for reading.


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