Christian Perez GM or GS GM Application

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Christian Perez GM or GS GM Application

Post  LaffyTaffy on Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:59 pm

Name: Christian Perez

Xat Name: Christian

Location:Los Angles, California

IGN: SuckToBeMe, SweetCandy, LaffyTaffy, SuckMyLegos, PowerpuffGurlz,And More

Flyff Experience as a player: I Been Playing Privates Server For a Long Time But Then I Found Vanity Flyff SO I started Playing this server then i liked it so i DONATED to keep this server Happy And Alive For All Vanity Players To Have Fun With there Cyber Friends or Friends from Next Door. I Love Playing Vanity Flyff Because when i get Home From Work i get Tired And I Play Vanity Flyff and Enjoy Playing With my Friends That I Made. Love u ALL ;D.

Flyff Experience as a GM:I Been a Gm Several Times already. First I MADE my Own Server Then I Join my Friends Server. Then I Join FFD. Then i just Become Normal Player Since Today. I am Aware of All Commands and Professional On It I Know when to use them and when not to use them.

Hours online per day:Monday To Friday 3:30-11:00pm
Saturday to Sunday 6:00am - 11:00pm

Personal information: I Am A Mexican White Italian German Mix Male That Leaves With his Friends And Enjoy Life. I Work as a Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic so i come home and i am tired all the time. But that Dosent Let me Down From Playing Vanity Flyff Best Private Server That I Ever Played Because I DONATED the First 5 TIMES in 2 MONTHS Periods Very Happy but i will Donate More To make This Server Expand And Make Vanity Server The Number 1 Server To Play in The Whole Word.

Thx For Readying My Application Very Happy


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