lRPlIvanXD Siege-GM Application

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lRPlIvanXD Siege-GM Application

Post  meisterazura13 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:09 pm

Real Name: Ivan Porcincula/ Ivan Daniel C. Porcincula
In-Game Name: lRPlIvanXD
Age: 12
Location: Cainta Rizal, Philippines
How many years do you play flyff?: I have been playing FlyFF for almost 3 years since v11 or v12.
Do you have an experience being a GM?: Yes I Have experienced to become a staff as Forum Moderator but I was not a GM but I can get items of the GM in the Private Server Corrupted FlyFF.
How many hours are you online everyday?: I am online every weekdays 3-6 hours and weekends 9-12 hours or 24/7 if somebody would not use the computer.

Please reply to this Rakii if my application is accepted or not. Thank you for reading my application, hope I will be a Siege GM.


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