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"Event GM Application" Empty "Event GM Application"

Post  FlyForFun on Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:52 pm

Real Name:John Rey Costuya Cudiera
In-Game Name:Madretta
Location: Canduman Housing Mandaue City.(Cebu Philippines)
How many years do you play flyff?:4-5 Years already.
Do you have an experience being a GM?:None Yet.
How many hours are you online everyday?:8-12 Hr's a Day...Wake from 1am or 4m and end up playing till 12 in the afternoon.
I know this Foru is about the application for Siege GM,But ill just try to be an applicant for Event GM beacause a lot of players got bored of playing w/o any events happening...I will make my best to make em happy by playing the server..and doing some awesome event for them to like the serve very much.
I know a lot of Events:Question and Answer,Fashion Event,Hide and Seek,Bring me Item Event,Race Event and more...
Hope youll like it though...

Sincerely Yours'

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