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Erro In Chat? Empty Erro In Chat?

Post  sky on Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:43 am

going in your Flyff folder C: \ Program Files \ gPotato \ BR_Flyff (Windows 7)
or C: \ Program Files \ gPotato \ BR_Flyff (Windows XP)
or whatever is the directory where you installed Flyff

neuz.ini looks for the file (it is a textual file with settings)

look for that line of code
You will probably find something like this
Code: Select all
ChatFilter0 25
ChatFilter1 6
ChatFilter2 8
ChatFilter3 33
ChatFilter4 16
ChatFilterEtc 832

here is this just for you to understand a little
Code: Select all
ChatFilter0 ---> General Chat
ChatFilter1 ---> whisper
ChatFilter2 ---> Cry
ChatFilter3 ---> Party
ChatFilter4 ---> the Guild
ChatFilterEtc 832

by default this code would be
copy and paste in there for that neuz.ini subistituindo
Code: Select all
General = 1
Whisper = 2
Shout = 4
Party = 8
Guild = 16

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